A luxurious moment in the Niseko forest that soothes the senses.

After passing through a bright red door.
Next, you are greeted by a black door with a wooden lattice.
On the other side of the door is the entrance lobby with the warmth of wood.
The entrance lobby.
Nestled in the Niseko forest.
A modern Japanese style setting where the relaxation
of the Japanese and the playfulness of the West are in harmony.
A modern Japanese style.
An open-air bath with smooth spring water, surrounded by nature.
With the pleasure of seeing and eating
All of your senses will be comfortably soothed.


Four Seasons in Niseko


When the snow melts and new life sprouts
in the earth and forests
When new life springs up
The sun, wind, colors, and smells
become a landscape covered with spring.

Niseko mountain range&Butterbur sprouts

Butterbur sprouts peek out from
the still snow-covered ground.
The red of the trees and the pure white
buds of the pussy willows.
Wild flowers bloom and compete
with each other as
if they had been waiting for a long time.
And then the new green.
After a long winter,
spring in Niseko begins
with a spring flush of buds.
Spring is one of the four seasons
here you can feel the changes from day to day.
It is a happy season in Niseko.
Why don't you come and enjoy
the scenery that awakens you?
We look forward to seeing you
at the Hotel Kanro no Mori.


A forest shrouded in morning mist.
The morning glow reflected in the water.
Have you ever encountered such a sight?

A fantastic scene created by morning fog

One of the typical things that
Niseko is proud of is its natural scenery.
Niseko's natural scenery.
From the majestic view of Mt. Yotei
to the small nature at our feet.
Earth, sky, forest, wind...
The scenery created by visible and invisible things changes
with the seasons and time.
The scenery changes with the seasons and time.
That giving you a fresh feeling no matter
when or how many times you visit.
I'm sure you've never seen anything like it.
Niseko's summer scenery and many scenes
that you have not yet encountered...
Why don't you stay at Hotel Kanro no Mori
and discover them at your leisure?


A forest dyed with autumn leaves.
The quiet awakening of the earth...
Can't you hear the whisper
of autumn in the landscape?

Shiribetsu River in autumn leaves

Niseko is a place of four seasons
and beautiful natural scenery.
This is the season when the peaks, forests,
land and sky turn brilliant autumn colors.
The richness of nature becomes even more profound.
This is the time of year when the peaks, forests,
land and sky all turn brilliant autumn colors.
From the panoramic view of nature in autumn colors
From the panoramic view of nature in full autumnal colors
to the small nature hidden under a carpet of fallen leaves
The vast expanse of Niseko is filled with a variety of autumn scenery.
As the seasons speed by
Why don't you take your time to find your
own unique autumn in Niseko?
We look forward to seeing you at Hotel Kanro no Mori.


The snow fluttered down.
A silver world below the freezing point.
Quietly repeating.
The drama of nature's winter day...

Forest at the foot of Mt. Yotei

The dignified winter has arrived in the forests of Niseko.
As if the falling snow covers up everything.
It is a quiet winter scene that is typical of this land.
The snowfields glittering in the sunshine.
At night, when the snow has stopped falling, the snow lights
At night, when the snow has stopped falling,
the snow lights dimly illuminate the earth and the forest.
The sky is bigger than usual when I lie down on the snowfield.
The sound of your footsteps echoing through the forest.
I look forward to encountering nature
and scenery for the first time.
The hot spring baths will soothe your cold body from the core.
Why don't you come and enjoy the winter at Hotel Kanro no Mori?

Your own personal holiday in Niseko


Please enjoy the seasonal color
of the forest in the various rooms.

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A blissful moment in the hot spring of beauty

After relaxing in your room,
take a dip in the hot spring to relax.
The open-air bath in the sky
in the forest will make you feel as
if you are floating in a quiet forest.
A relaxing hot spring bath
will heal your body and soul.
A private family bath is also available.

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Enjoy the taste of Niseko and Hokkaido

After a relaxing soak in the warm hot spring,
it is time to enjoy a meal.
Enjoy a meal made with local ingredients
in a relaxed atmosphere.
Please enjoy a moment of tranquility.

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Enjoy the music

After dinner,
relax with some great music.
Hotel Kanronomori hosts a forest concert
every night in the lobby.

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Healing Time

A Hawaiian massage is also recommended
to heal your whole body.
It will give you a deeper relaxation.

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Breakfast to wake you up

Enjoy a "Japanese and Western buffet"
using plenty of local ingredients.
We also offer a wide varietyof buffet dishes,
including freshly baked bread,
chiffon cakes recommended by our staff,
and our original kanro tofu.

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For the memories of your trip

We have a wide range of original products
from Hotel Kanro-no-Mori, local specialties,
confections, and daily necessities
that are useful not only as souvenirs
but also during your stay.

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Finding your favorite Niseko

In Niseko,
you can see, play, learn, eat,
and experience all four seasons.
Have a great holiday.