A luxurious time in the Niseko forest
that heals the five senses

When you pass through
the bright red door,
Next, you are greeted by a black door
made of lattice wood.
Beyond that, the entrance lobby appears surrounded
by the warmth of wood.
In the forests of Niseko,
The harmony of Japanese relaxation
and Western playfulness is harmonized
in Japanese-style modern arrangements. Surrounded by nature, the smooth open-air bath
with a hot spring is exceptional.
You can enjoy a time when all five senses
are comfortably healed along with the pleasure
of watching and eating.


Become one with Niseko's magnificent nature.
Such a luxurious time is
the hospitality of "Hotel Kanro no Mori".
In the lobby, the warmth of
wood and indirect lighting exude a warm peace,
In a restaurant surrounded by forest,
You can enjoy a variety of dishes with seasonal
Niseko and Hokkaido deliciousness.
Slumber in the steam rising in the grove and enjoy
the hot springs that gush out
Your body and mind will be liberated,
and your five senses will be comfortably healed.
Relaxing guest rooms include rooms with hot springs,
There are various types and a wide variety of variations.
Every evening, the hotel lobby
features live music by local musicians.

The warmth of the forest soothes the senses.
Enjoy the colors of the forest from season to season
in a variety of rooms.


In the quiet forest
Immerse yourself in the feeling of floating softly
Relaxing hot spring time
It heals your body and mind


Please enjoy a moment of Nagomi
in a calm atmosphere with dishes and local sake
that use plenty of Niseko's season and Hokkaido deliciousness.


  • Playing Time
    Every day 19:30~20:30


  • Kei Fukamachi(Guitar) Rankoshi
  • Kayo(Vocal) Rankoshi
  • Tatsuji Kusumoto(Piano) Niseko
  • Masatoshi Tokunaga(Violin)
    Keiko Tokunaga(Piano)
  • Ko Kiriyama(Saxophone) Rankoshi
  • Rie Ohashi(Violin)
    Hiroko Shikanai(Piano)
  • Cielo(Vocal) Kutchan
  • Kyouko Anpo(Piano) Rankoshi(WinterStaff)

In addition, many artists.
hold "Forest Concerts"

Hotel Kanro no Mori is
located in Niseko Kombu Onsen.
The hotel also offers
convenient access to
Niseko Annupuri International Ski Resort
and Moiwa Ski Resort.


Niseko Konbu Onsen

Hotel Kanronomori

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